What is Energy Therapy

Energy healing is the art of correcting energetic defects in the human energy field. When the flow within the energy field becomes weak, blocked  or imbalanced, the energetic defects prevent the pure connection to the higher spiritual reality. This prevents the full healthy expression of the living potential of the whole person and removes the natural condition of energetic health that is a required  for physical, mental or emotional and spiritual well-being.

The ultimate cause is usually traumatic past experiences which have fragmented the psyche, allowed invasion of impure energies, and established faulty energy patterns into the functioning of the energy field. Personality fragmentation, invasion by unhealthy psychic energies and fundamental energetic defects in the aura and chakra system- usually occur together. The dysfunctional patterns in the body, mind and spirit will eventually lead to problems in our daily lives. These problems will show up in various ways from person to person. Diseases or afflictions of a physical, mental or emotional nature often eventually become manifest.

Felicia uses several safe and non-invasive energy clearing and balancing techniques that quickly and easily assist people in achieving wellness and becoming your full potential. There is no distance between time and space therefore you do not need to be present to receive this service. Please choose from the following link – Sessions with Felicia.

Please note: Although these are powerful sessions and they have been life changing for many, they are by no means a quick fix but can give you just the boost you need to begin the healing process.