Seminars / Workshops

Back to Basics Reiki Teleseminar:

At this time on our planet, we are experiencing difficult challenges and are facing many more difficult and trying times in the near future.  I am calling on all healers to join Jeri Van Dyke and myself, Felicia Ransome-Stoute, in this very important seminar series to prepare you for what’s ahead and why it is so very important that all healers remember why we are here and what our job is as healers. We must remember why healing is important and the urgency of passing on this knowledge to others is so important now more than ever.

There will be a series of live teleseminars informing you of some basic knowledge that many have forgotten as well as new and advanced information concerning Reiki and how it relates to what’s going on, on the planet at this time. Please signup here to receive updated information on these powerful events.

Here are some of the things that will be discussed:

  • Back to Basics Reiki You
  • The Reiki Symbols-What each ones does, how it works, how it makes the connection, and how bringing them all together to synergistically works together to create the end result within your body, etc.
  • The power of the intent of Reiki
  • Synchronicity- how it ties in with Reiki and how everything falls into place
  • Negative influences, and how to overcome them
  • Charging your food with Reiki
  • Journaling
  • Daily Reiki healing routine
  • Turning on and using switch words
  • Attachments-from groups, people, etc.
  • Reconnecting with mother earth
  • New Reiki information
  • And much, much, more!

Cost: $297

Teleseminars Series

 Empower yourself with these powerful unique and informative teleseminars. Jeri Van Dye and I talk about everything under the sun that many wouldn’t dare speak about. So fasten your seat belts because you are definitely in for a ride! Your life will  never be the same!

No Longer Available! For over a year we offered three and five hour teleseminars for as low as $6.99 As Jeri has said on the many calls…If you have not grabbed these eye opening teleseminars, “You have shut the door and thrown away the key to some very important knowledge possibly forever.!”


Hurricane Sandy-Demons-Negative Attachments-2012 Elections-Racism-Clearing-Etc.


Hurricane Sandy-Demons-Negative Attachments-2012 Elections-Racism-Clearing-Etc.P2


Messages In The Night Being Led By Spirit-Celebrities-Programming-Casting Spells, Vision Boards-Etc.


There’s Something In The Air-Anxiety Jitters Weirdness-Mind Control-Programming, Etc.


Spiritual Alignment-Healing-Mind Patterns Money Bi-Location


Look Up-GMO Foods Effefed Up in The Mind-Move Beyound Mind -Magick Banned -Etc.


Access That Inner Light Through Darkness


Energy Vampires-Psychic Attacks-Initiations-Con Arttists-The Darkside- Love and Light P2


Energy Vampires-Psychic Attacks-Initiations- Con Arttists-The Darkside-Love and Light


Too Close to The Light- Sickness Disease and Death P1


Kinesilogy-Get To Know Your Body-Intuition Etc.


Back To Basics-Healing -Reiki-Detoxing- Environmental Pollution-


Going Within


Removing Toxins with EO, Herbs, Baths, etc.


Spiritual Connections with Oils


Spiritual Connections with Herbs


Inner Travels-Contemplations-Soul Travel-Dreamwork-Etc.


Engergetically Charged Words-Trouble Makers-Chaos-Confusion-Love and Light, Etc.


There Is No Right and No Wrong, The Many Levels To Things-Etc.


Energy Anatomy-Be Careful Where You Put Your Energy Social Networking Sites, Etc.



Random Thoughts- Soul Travel-Dream Work-Bi-Location-Etc.



Being Prepared For The Rapid Changes That’s Happening-


Back To Basics- Meditation- Comtemplation-The Different Levels -Realms Of Awareness Etc.



Getting Away From Groups-Mind Melding-Spontaneous Connectivity Etc.


DNA And Getting Back To Nature, Etc.


Back To Basics-Reiki-Practicing-Self Healing Etc.