Healing Hands

How To Use “Healing Hands” To Prevent, Treat and Cure Any Illness, Disease or Infection.

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From: Felicia Ransome-Stoute

RE: Did you know you possess a healing power in your hands that can lead to the happiest, healthiest, most fulfilled life you have ever enjoyed?

You may have heard of the ancient healing art of Reiki. This is a noninvasive, simple process anyone can learn, that can be used to correct an imbalanced energy flow in your body. In the late 20th century the human energy field was discovered. Scientists now know that there is a personal field of energy sometimes called an aura which is related to your physical and mental health and well-being.

This was already understood centuries ago in the Far East . For hundreds of years healers harnessed their personal energy to balance imbalanced energy fields in themselves and others. By lightly moving their hands over a patient’s body, or simply hovering just above the body, they “virtually massaged” the human energy center.

Balancing and unblocking an energy field which is “out of whack” leads to a human body which works properly. You efficiently fight off disease and infection, your health is better than ever, your mind is sharp and capable, and this healing practice works whether you are young or old, man or woman, and no matter what culture you come from.

When you know how to practice Reiki properly, you benefit from …

  • Naturally high energy levels
  • A boost in your body’s ability to heal itself
  • Less stress, depression and anxiety
  • A lowered risk of contracting heart disease
  • Less chances of developing neurological disorders like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
  • Control over your body weight
  • A stronger mind, body and spirit
  • And much more

This is not a religious practice, but rather a proven, noninvasive healing technique that anyone can learn. The key is sifting through all of the Reiki information that is out there (some of it incomplete or downright incorrect), and learning just what you need to know to quickly and easily heal yourself and others.

That is exactly what you discover when you download your special report …

Reiki 101-The Essentials of Reiki

Inside this life-changing report you will find…

  • Just exactly what Reiki is
  • That complementary and alternative medicines ( CAM ) like Reiki are increasingly offered in hospitals and modern medical institutions
  • The different levels of Reiki
  • How to get started healing yourself with Reiki
  • How an imbalanced energy field can be causing health problems in your life
  • The many health benefits associated with this ancient healing practice
  • What you can expect in a typical Reiki session
  • The 7 chakras (energy centers) which Reiki can unblock and balance, leading to mental, spiritual and physical health and happiness
  • The different hand positions you need to perform to heal specific health problems
  • The Reiki symbols that boost your healing practice
  • What to look for when “shopping” for a Reiki master

eiki requires no medical degree, shots or medicine. It is a noninvasive and easy to learn healing practice. It also functions as a preventive treatment to keep your energy flowing freely, which boosts your immune system and helps your body resist illness, disease and infection.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from a heightened spiritual awareness, or physical and mental health, get instant access to your personal copy of Reiki 101-The Essentials of Reiki. This special report tells you exactly how to use the incredible energy healing power that is in your two hands, for greater fulfillment and awareness of your best, healthiest and happiest self.

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