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Crystal Memory Stick


The Khufu is the crystal memory stick of the future that will re-awaken the forgotten knowledge of the past ! It will trigger the knowledge once thought lost to mankind. It will restore your memory of technologies and free energy, and realign you with the wisdom that was already known to the first people !! The pyramids were believed by Edgar Cayce and Manly P Hall to be a repository where universal and cosmic knowledge was stored in the Hall of Records for those people who would come in the future. We are those people, and you have come to regain the knowledge! Welcome to the Crystal Memory Stick ! This vessel will reach you with incense cones, candle, sand from Giza, charging bag and certificate of ownership- bring back the knowledge of the ancient people !

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Parallel Universe Accelerator

Time travel and the subject of parallel universes is not a new concept. The quantum mechanics of time travel has been known in Quantum Physics for a long time – now it is time for you to benefit from this extra dimension that will enlarge your life and give you the freedom to travel, to invent, to design and to master the universes YOU make!


Triangle Gift Giver Attunement

Triangle “Giver of Gifts”

This Giver of “Gifts” has so many positive side effects including the fact that it acts as a focus tool to broaden your psychic abilities, strengthen your healing touch, and clear your mind so that reading minds becomes easier for you. if you participate in Fortune telling, Oracle reading, Aura reading, energetic readings, higher learning, subconscious healing, healing, telekinesis, spirit communication, ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge, tarot reading, astrological reading, dream analysis and interpretation bi-location, time travel, astral travel, or hypnotism then the Giver of Gifts will bring clarity, focus and direction to you – allowing you to access all your higher powers. It will also enable you to focus on lowering your molecular rate, a process practiced in Tibet whereby men and women become invisible, levitate, and astral travel thousands of miles without ever leaving their home. They have the secret. The secret is the triangle. And now the time has arrived for you to unleash the secret powers of the triangle !

Are you interested in drawing the natural forces of the magical world into your life? Do you want to connect with the metaphysical powers that are called into play by the triangle? Since the times of King Solomon the triangle’s metaphysical properties have been revered and studied, worshiped and worked with, and hidden so well within the Craft that – today, very few know the secret of how to utilize the powerful ‘drawing’ energies of the triangle.

“The Triangle is associated with the number three which is made powerful and omnipotent because it is the number of the holy Trinity. The triangle was revered by the temple priests of King Solomon and by the kings of ancient Egypt and this can still be seen today in the way they designed their three sided pyramids – the pyramids are triangles that have stood the test of time since they have lasted for thousands of years. The number 3 – in the form of a triangle – also represents continuity and brings balance and consistency into the lives of those who suffer from the effects of a chaotic world that is filled with accidental events and unforeseen tragedies. Pointing upwards, the triangle symbolizes fire and power. Pointing downward it is a symbol of the life giving womb. But the secret we shall now reveal is that the most powerful metaphysicians, witches, herbalists, alchemists and occultists use the triangle as a summoning symbol to summon everything from blessings and health and good fortune, to good luck and wealth. Triangles can also be used to summon spirits and it is for this reason that many Mediums and Clairvoyants employ triangles when they are doing sittings with clients who wish to speak with their loved ones on the other side of the veil. On a more mysterious note some occultists use the triangle in their rites and rituals when they are summoning their Familiar or their spirit guide (who is expected to appear within a triangle that has been drawn on the floor). The occultist will perform their ritual from the protection of a circle. Additionally, a circle placed within a triangle when the witch or wizard wants direct communion with spirits is yet another example of the power of a triangle.

Our reason for designing this latest rare offering is because we want to share the secret of the triangle with you. The triangle can be used by all, safely, and for the benefit of everyone. Do you need to remove hexes, bad luck, money worries, and curses and misfortune? Do you desire to draw a higher paying job towards you so you can pay down your credit card debts? Do you suspect malign spirits or energies have attached themselves to you? And do you need protection, guidance and spiritual security so that your soul is never sullied and your psyche is never harmed? Then it is time for you to accept your share of the secret too! The secret is yours and you will find it embodied within this powerful offering that has 2 triangles (to draw abundance, happier times, prosperity, wealth, peace and protection towards you) and an all seeing eight sided eye (so that you may always be shielded on all four sides of your body, and above your body, and below your body, and within your body, and within your mind from the unseen dangers that filter through into our dimension to bring us bad luck, harm, danger and trouble).

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Advance Healing Tools:

Forces of Nature Healing Attunement



FOR 2017

Bringing healing, rejuvenation, and well being to your patients, friends and loved ones and re-instilling harmony and balance as well as undoing decades of damage caused by cording and DNA discomforture or negative birth patterns.

I now bring you the words of the founder of the Your Power To Create foundation who says “

“Healers or those who have been initiated into the Healing Arts are already a powerful ‘all around Healing tool’. These special people can be tapped into – and their energies released, whenever healing is needed. But like any source of power even the strongest Healer reaches a point where they realize they’re running low and need a pick-me-up before continuing their healing work on themselves, on the world, and their clients . This unique hanging crystal offering was especially created just for them. This beautiful design has been used for hundreds of years by native American Indians. No shaman’s tent was considered complete without one like this hanging outside: catching the warming rays of the morning sun, and exuding the energy of nature so that it could flow into the bodies and imaginations of the whole community.

And today this wonderful attunement has been adapted by the Your Power To Create Foundation so that the community of modern day healers and shaman can partake of the ancient power source that IS crystal, light, and natural energy. Allow the Force of Nature that is naturally inherent inside all Healers to continually flow – freely and with ease, to bring healing, comfort and blessings into our often fractured relationships, unstable states of health, and hectic or problematic lives that – when all put together, serve to disrupt our health and dissipate our natural healing flow, This is a tool that is designed to be worked with in two different ways – it can be utilized both as a meditative hanging the healer can reflect on and meditate with, or as a pendulum that the healer can use to move gently over the bodies of their patients and themselves to trigger an inner emotional response, kick start the psyche, and tune up the healing abilities. The more a Healer works with this then the more their energy levels and healing abilities will come to the forefront – bringing meaning into their lives, and teaching them and their patients the true relevance of the Natural Forces.

Ideally, this attunement will be used primarily by professionals who have already been initiated into the Healing Arts since it is an advanced level attunement that packs a mighty high-energy punch from the very first attunement. But it can also be used – respectfully and with care, by students and trainee healers who want to develop their skills and expand on their fledgling talents and skill base. It will also suit those seeking psychic advancement and those who desire to evolve and ascend beyond the cosmic loop of rebirth and reincarnation.

If physical and mental rejuvenation are important to you, and if emotional and spiritual stability is what you seek for yourself or for your patients then this modern version of an ancient design will suit you beautifully. Aura Clearing, Chakra Cleansing and re-alignment are just some of the additional benefits of this attunement together. The combined result – of subconscious healing, ancestral Healing, de-cording, and even the soothing of DNA discomforture (a birth pattern condition which comes from an unnatural twisting of your psyche inflicted on you during your infant years) means your healing talents will flow forth like never before. And – because your path will be cleared, you will be free to explore who YOU really are without all the psychological baggage of yesterday! Crystal and light combined with color is the ideal and gentle way to erase negative attachments, lineage derived anxieties, and unnatural and harmful birth pattern twists. But, ultimately, crystal light and color is the way to seeing.

through the veil and ascending to join your higher self so that YOU become the endless font of healing, the well that never dries up, the horn of plenty that never becomes depleted……THE FORCES WITHIN have spent a lifetime calling to you, your lifetime ! Now is the time for you to unleash the power within ! That is why our foundation is named Your Power To Create. True healing begins inside you”.
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How To Get Over Motivational Blocks

Struggling to find your motivation?

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Dear Motivation Seeker,

You know that person. You know the one. They’ve got their stuff together. They’re out there making waves, breaking glass ceilings, and are doers. They simply get stuff done and make no bones about what’s important to them. They are successful.

But, do you understand how they find their motivation? Do you know why they’re motivated to implement and succeed while you’re not? Do you know what they went through to get to where they are?

This course will help you identify and get over those motivational blocks that could be preventing you from reaching your goals.

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What Is Chios Energy Field Healing? Some Answers As To How It Promotes Wellness

What is Chios energy field healing anyway? And, what exactly does it do to help a person with physical ailments, or emotional or mental issues, in order to promote healing for their condition?

To begin with, the alternative therapy consists of a certified practitioner who uses a holistic approach with the addition of energy inducers, such as lights and crystals, in an attempt to help balance a person’s chakras and aura fields. This therapy is based on the theory that each and every person and living thing in the universe has an individual field of energy that surrounds them. Illnesses and other chronic maladies start when that field becomes disrupted or starts malfunctioning.

Each field is comprised of various chakras and aura layers, which reflect whatever is physically, emotionally or mentally making itself known in a person’s body. And, in order to begin to heal, this damaged field must first be cleansed of any abnormalities, or defects before it can happen. Moreover, this bodywork is able to get down to the root cause of a person’s condition, and may even prevent the start of any new afflictions down the road.

Those certified in this type of bodywork are thought to become stronger in their energy channeling and transfer abilities with every client they work on. When the person has successfully received this transfer of energy, it starts to repair those rifts and cracks in his own source, and thus, begins to help him recover from whatever emotional, physical or mental condition he suffers, and give his well-being an overall boost as well. However, he will need several sessions the healing starts show, and, the client himself is expected to participate in his own care by learning and practicing routine imagery and meditation.

There have been reviews by quite a few people who have had positive things to report about the results of their treatments. Some of the illnesses and conditions that clients have reported significantly improved include freedom from chronic aches and pains, relief from allergies, a lifting of their depressions, and a downswing of any anxieties, just to name a few.

So hopefully this has helped educate the reader on how Chios energy field healing may be able to help heal a person who is suffering from a mental, emotional or physical ailment, and improve their overall health, as well. If the reader would like more information regarding this subject, it’s easy to find online just by searching for it. And, it also goes without saying that before someone tries this therapy himself, his doctor should be consulted first, just to remain on the safe side.


Taking The Fear Out Of Learning Reiki

It is natural for people to fear what they don’t understand. It happens every day, all over the world, especially when it comes to something spiritual. Not being able to understand how something works brings disbelief and fear, restricting people from experiencing something new. Reiki healing is one of those fearful things that people tend to avoid or disbelieve, but it doesn’t stop others from learning reiki and benefitting from the experience.

In order to eliminate the fear, one must first understand what reiki is. A Japanese healing technique that is used to promote not only healing but in reducing stress and relaxation is what it is. This is a means of natural healing through “laying on of hands” or hands on healing as it better known today. Using the Universal Life Force, a person is able to channel that energy through the hands and help others through touch.

This means of healing has been around for centuries, even documented in the Bible. Jesus used it to heal those that were sick and in need. Prophets, such as Moses, also used it also. Healing is not the only reason it was used though, it was used to bless, impart spiritual gifts, and to anoint others.

Even today, churches still use this method when invoking the Holy Spirit. Laying on of hands is used in healing services, baptisms, blessings, and ordination. Some believe they have been blessed with a spiritual gift that they are meant to use on others, and hands on healing is popular as they use that method to connect and share the gift.

The name reiki came during the 19th century, although this form of healing has been around for centuries, as the Bible shows. Life force energy flows through each and every person, making people strong and alive. Reiki provides a relaxing experience treating the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. People report feelings of peace, well being, and relaxation after a session. There have even been reports of cases of miraculous results with reiki.

The only thing to fear is fear itself, and reiki is an all natural, safe, and simple method of spiritual healing that causes no fear. The benefits of wellness and improving your life and the lives of others are shown everyday by those that practice it. Learning reiki can help one to understand better how to use their own life force with the Universal Life force to lead a more relaxed and healthier life.


Reiki Distant Learning: Enjoy The Fabulous Advantages

Reiki is an ancient healing therapy involving the flow of the life force energy, that is omnipresent. It is practiced in person, with laying hands on a person’s body, and it is also done from a distance by certified practitioners. Learning and activating the various Reiki stages is traditionally done in weekend seminars, but there is a growing trend toward Reiki distant learning certification.

There are similarities between Reiki and acupuncture. They both deal with the life force energy, and come from the east, where they were practiced for thousands of years. The western world learned of both of these healing modalities in the 1970’s, and they have each become more popular with every passing year.

There was tremendous denial from the scientific and medical communities in the west, regarding acupuncture, but the results people reported were so consistently positive, for so many years, western medicinal practitioners realized their credibility would suffer if they continued to deny there are benefits to energy based healing.

Today, acupuncturists and Reiki healers often work in hospitals and are considered complementary therapies to standard medical care. They are helpful with patients recovering from surgery, or dealing with painful cancer treatment.

The practitioners of these modalities know they are good for much more than that. They are aware that many people could have avoided cancer and surgery in the first place if they had seriously turned to energy healing, long before the diseases were manifested in the physical realm.

Acupuncture and Reiki have helped many people to have children, who were previously considered infertile. The advantage Reiki has over acupuncture is, anybody can do it, and it does not take a long time to learn. A lot of the Reiki process involves using your intention and accepting the attunements that you get from your Reiki master.

Like anything, the more you work at it, the better you get. The first person who gets the benefits of your Reiki will be you. Students report a feeling of vitality and sense of inner peace. If you practice it as a way of life, you will notice breakthroughs, personal well being, emotional growth, and increased intuition & creativity.

There is a huge trend for hospice workers to become adept in Reiki because it can help to take away pain and provide feelings of peace & tranquility. A scientific study among hospice Reiki workers showed that antibodies in the saliva of hospice patients were increased across the board. But, the most experienced Reiki healers, had a more dramatic result with their patients.

If you are ready to experience the power of Reiki, for yourself and your loved ones, you have a decision to make. Will you opt for the live or the distant Reiki classes? It’s a wonderfully delicious decision to have to make, because you can’t go wrong, either way.

If you prefer to work at you own pace and you want to avoid the possibility of travel and lodging expenses and logistics, the Reiki distant learning option is your best choice. Your teacher is available on the phone and through email. You can turn your assignments in by email or postal mail. The attunements are just as effective at a distance, because life force energy has no time or space limitations.


How To Successfully Heal Anxiety And Fear With Reiki And Energy Healing Treatments

Have you wondered what the best way would be to get rid of the stress that is bringing you down? Have you also noticed that you have more stress than you had just a few years back? This would be because of the modern times we are all living and trying to survive in. Many of us can still remember a time when things were a lot slower and much calmer. Handling the pain and illness that comes with the newest stresses can be hard. You can, however, heal anxiety and fear with Reiki and energy healing treatments.

One good example of a time when Reiki could be extremely useful is when you are overloaded with worry about something in your life while also dealing with a medical problem. Many people actually hinder their healing when they are stressing out over outside problems. Reiki therapy can take away those overwhelming feelings of pressure to allow the life energy flowing around us to enter and heal you.

Most people living their day to day lives are not aware of the universal life energy that is flowing about each and every one of us. It is this energy that provides us with natural healing inside the body. The therapist that performs energy healing treatments is able to focus this energy on you in a specific manner using the hands.

The environment alone in modern society is enough to cause severe stress on the physical being of everyone living in it. The air is full of chemicals and pollutants while the water and soil is as well. Our bodies are fighting to keep down an internal toxic buildup every day. This is a form of stress that can cause devastating results in disease. Reiki therapy is one way to help your body relax enough to better handle this kind of pressure.

Using this form of alternative relaxation therapy is the best way to let go of bothersome worries you might have that are leading you right into illness. The healthiest body is able to handle stress. The way for this to happen is through the channeling of the greatest life force energy there is. The mental and physical state of a human can be increased greatly with the induction of this energy in the right ways.

During actual energy therapy treatments, you will lie down flat and close your eyes. There is no need to be nervous or to feel trepidation. The therapist will use their hands to place the energy so desperately needed in key areas of your body. You will have a treatment for the front and back. The relaxation and calm you will take away with will be astounding to say the least.

Therapy using Reiki has been used in a lot of hospitals and other clinical settings. Those patients that are in a lot of pain stand to benefit much from this alternative form of relaxations treatments. Many doctors agree that controlling stress is one of the best ways to help in eliminating illness.

Heal anxiety and fear with Reiki and energy healing treatments for the positive results need for true feelings of wellbeing. You can only get this wellbeing from the life force energy that makes it happen. With Reiki, that is exactly what you will be getting.